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When a woman has to have a mastectomy, it can be a devastating loss, even though the surgery is essential to treat cancer or other serious diseases. Gordon Mitts, MD, of Mitts Plastic Surgery in Bakersfield, California, has every sympathy for women coping with the impact of losing one or both breasts and provides specialist breast reconstruction surgery to help women recover from their loss. If you’ve had a mastectomy or are facing the possibility, make an appointment to see Dr. Mitts by calling the clinic today or booking online.

Breast Reconstruction Q & A

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure designed to restore the appearance of your breasts after a mastectomy. You may face having one or both breasts removed because of breast cancer or other serious illnesses, and it can be a difficult loss to deal with. Breast reconstruction surgery helps you get back to a more normal life after your illness, and can help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Breast reconstruction is a complex form of surgery that requires considerable expertise. Dr. Mitts is a highly experienced specialist plastic surgeon who uses advanced techniques to create new breasts that, while they may not be an exact replica of your original breasts, look and feel as natural as possible.

What are the benefits of breast reconstruction?

The loss of a breast can come as a terrible blow when you’ve already been through the trauma of coping with a life-threatening health condition. Further surgery to reconstruct your breasts may seem like a challenge, but the benefits can improve your quality of life considerably after a mastectomy. Benefits include:

  • Restoration of natural appearance
  • Regaining a natural silhouette
  • Improved breast shape
  • Symmetrical breasts
  • Being able to wear regular clothing
  • Increased self-confidence

The benefits of breast reconstruction can be pivotal in transforming your life following a mastectomy and can contribute significantly to your emotional well-being.

How is a breast reconstructed?

There are several options available for breast reconstruction, and Dr. Mitts takes time to go through the options with you at your consultation. Options include:

Latissimus flap reconstruction

In latissimus flap reconstruction, a method of breast reconstruction, Dr. Mitts takes skin, muscle, and fat from the latissimus dorsi — the long muscle that runs beneath the armpit and across the back — to build a new breast. The advantage of the latissimus flap method is that the newly formed breast maintains its original blood supply, increasing the chances that you can experience normal sensations.

TRAM flap reconstruction

TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous) flap breast reconstruction is similar to latissimus flap surgery, but Dr. Mitts uses tissue from your lower abdomen to create a new breast.

Breast implants

Implants are suitable for some women following a mastectomy, and in fact, in some cases, implants are inserted as part of the mastectomy operation. Depending on the extent of tissue removed during the mastectomy, some patients may need to have a tissue expander placed in the chest to stretch the remaining skin and make sufficient space for the implant.  

The first stage of the breast reconstruction process is to rebuild the shape of the breast, then to enhance the appearance of the new breast and make it look more natural, Dr. Mitts performs a nipple reconstruction. This is typically a less invasive process, and it may be possible to have it done as an outpatient.

If you’re affected by breast removal surgery, let Dr. Mitts help restore your figure and improve your quality of life. Call Mitts Plastic Surgery today or book an appointment online.