Treatment for Your Most Fragile Features

The facial features are the most delicate, yet most pronounced part of a patient’s appearance. Subtle changes to areas such as the eyes, nose, chin, or neck can have a significant impact on a patient’s self-image, as well as how he or she is perceived by others. Dr. Gordon Mitts has been practicing facial plastic surgery in Bakersfield, California for more than 20 years, and understands the importance of producing natural-looking, flawless results with each procedure. By performing a variety of surgical procedures using the latest techniques, Dr. Mitts can transform a patient’s appearance, giving him or her freedom to feel confident every day. If you are interested in learning how facial plastic surgery can improve your appearance and your life, contact our Bakersfield plastic surgery practice today.



Brow lift

The shape and position of the brow provide the framework for the structure of the other facial features. Over time, however, the brow can began to sag, and wrinkles can develop between the brows and on the forehead. A brow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, tightens and removes excess skin on the forehead to effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles and reposition the brow. In addition to eliminating signs of aging, the results of this procedure can highlight other characteristics, achieving balance and harmony among the facial features.



Face Lift

A number of factors such as aging, stress, and dietary habits can take a toll on the appearance of the face, causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Dr. Mitts has dedicated himself to using the most advanced surgical techniques, and performs SMAS face lift surgery, a procedure which tightens both the skin and muscles of the face to achieve a refreshed, youthful result. While traditional face lifts only alter the skin, often resulting in a “wind-blown” look, the SMAS face lift targets the deep layers of the face, creating natural, long-lasting results.



Eyelid Surgery

Under-eye bags are among the most common signs of aging and can cause individuals to constantly appear tired, stressed, or unhappy. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, responds to this cosmetic issue by removing excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. This delicate surgical procedure reinvigorates the eyes, and drastically improves a patient’s overall appearance. This procedure alone can help patients look more awake, alert, and engaged.




One of the most common forms of facial plastic surgery performed at Dr. Mitts’ Bakersfield practice is rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery. Because the nose is one of the most prominent facial features, its size and shape can have a tremendous impact on a patient’s overall appearance. Rhinoplasty allows Dr. Mitts to correct irregularity, crookedness, and asymmetry of the nose so that it complements other facial characteristics.



Facial Liposuction

Extra fat in the face and neck can detract from a patient’s appearance, leading him or her to look aged and even unhealthy. Unfortunately, this fat cannot always be targeted by diet and other lifestyle changes. Facial liposuction is, therefore, a welcomed treatment option for patients who wish to remove unwanted fat deposits in the face. This procedure can be combined with a face lift or neck lift to refresh all of the facial features simultaneously.



Neck Lift

When it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance, many patients are solely concerned with facial features such as the eyes, nose, and chin. It is important, however, to preserve the appearance of the neck as well, which is particularly vulnerable to wrinkles and sagging. Neck lift surgery removes fat deposits around the neck and tightens skin that has lost elasticity. This procedure can be used to respond to sun damage, eliminate a “double chin,” and sculpt a strong, attractive jaw line.



Fat Transfer

While most facial plastic surgery procedures involve removing skin and fat, other procedures such as fat transfer use fat to enhance and restructure facial features. This revolutionary procedure, sometimes referred to as autologous fat transfer, uses fat from the patient’s own body to add volume to areas of the face that have been affected by aging and stress. This procedure is an attractive alternative to facial fillers because it typically lasts longer, and does not involve the injection of foreign materials into the body.



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Dr. Mitts is dedicated to helping each of his patients feel confident and happy every time he or she looks in the mirror. He understands the importance of having a unique, attractive look and is pleased to offer a variety of procedures that can be customized to suit the cosmetic goals of all of his patients. If you have considered making changes to the appearance of your face, we encourage you to learn more about the facial plastic surgery procedures offered at our Bakersfield practice serving Bakersfield and Tulare County. 



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