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While plastic surgery procedures can produce beautiful results and help patients achieve their ideal look, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery. This doesn’t mean, however, that he or she has to put up with cosmetic imperfections. As part of his commitment to help all of his patients look their best, Dr. Gordon Mitts offers several non-surgical treatments. These minimally invasive options, including lip injections, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and facial peels, are ideal for Dr. Mitts’ Bakersfield patients who desire a noticeable change without taking having to undergo surgery.

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Facial Peels

Dr. Mitts administers facial peels to his patients who wish to repair and revive dull skin. Chemical peels can be used to treat uneven pigmentation, acne, dry skin, sun damage, and even fine lines. These treatments can be administered in one easy office visit, and provide patients with smooth, unblemished skin. Dr. Mitts performs two main facial peels at his Bakersfield practice:

  • Glycolic acid is known as an alpha hydroxyl acid, and is derived from sugar cane. Dr. Mitts uses these types of peels to respond to mild scarring, wrinkles, and skin imperfections. In addition, glycolic acid peels are excellent exfoliants, and can be used to unclog pores and combat acne.
  • Trichloric acid peels (TCA) are more in-depth than their glycolic counterparts and target deeper layers of the skin for more drastic results. Dr. Mitts will create a customized concentration of the solution and apply it either to the entire face or to targeted areas. In the days following treatment, the damaged top layer of the skin peels away to reveal brighter, vibrant skin.



Injectable Treatments

As a natural part of aging, the skin can lose volume and elasticity, causing patients to appear older and even worn down. With advanced cosmetic treatments, however, you don’t have to give in to signs of aging. Dr. Mitts is pleased to offer injectables treatments that are placed beneath the skin to add volume, eliminate wrinkles, and help patients appear youthful and refreshed. These injections can produce results similar to surgical treatments such as a face lift or brow lift, but can be completed in less than one hour. Among the injectable treatments offered at our Bakersfield practice are JUVÉDERM®, BOTOX® Cosmetic, Artefill®, fat grafting, and The latest in facial treatment the Vampire face lift.  We can help you with all those small wrinkles by using the latest in laserTreatment



Lip Injections

In addition to facial injections to reduce signs of aging, Dr. Mitts offers injectable lip treatments that can give patients full, attractive lips. These injections can consist of fat grafting or hyaluronic acid, depending on patient preferences and cosmetic goals. Results of lip injections can be seen immediately and can last several months.



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Even patients who are apprehensive about undergoing plastic surgery can experience the benefits of treatment from Dr. Mitts. Through a well-rounded selection of treatment options including injectables and facial peels, Dr. Mitts gives all of his Bakersfield patients the opportunity to have youthful, radiant skin. Contact Mitts Plastic Surgery today to learn more about the cosmetic enhancement procedures we offer.


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